About Us

Drago Expert Services is an independent consulting firm specializing in consumer products, and in particular, infants' and children's products. Product safety is our goal, whether we are guiding you through product design, regulatory compliance, age grading, and warnings and instructions, or whether we are providing technical litigation support.

We are strongly rooted in excellent academic credentials and have at hand a library of over 3,500 documents and texts related to safety and injury prevention. We routinely scan the safety and injury literature so that our information is up to date, and are experienced in searching Medline as a way to supplement and broaden our resources, and cater to your particular needs.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) operates four databases, which are a valuable adjunct to the published literature. They are: NEISS (National Electronic Injury Surveillance System), DTHS (Death Certificates), IPII (Injury or Potential Injury Incidents), and IDI (In-Depth Investigations). They contain reports of actual and potential injury associated with a wide variety of consumer products. Because we are thoroughly familiar with these databases, we can be your conduit to obtaining relevant data quickly, and analyzing and interpreting the data. We can also help guide you through the new CPSIA rules and regulations.

Whatever service we provide you, rest assured it will be thorough, objective, and technically sound.